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Erstwhile English and Drama teacher, Andrew Rice-Oxley, has written and produced numerous scripts and stage adaptations for school, church and the amateur stage. School productions include Hamlet, Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe, The School for Scandal and his own streamlined adaptations of The Hobbit and Treasure Island.

Andrew Rice-Oxley,
 in his study.

Andrew Rice-Oxley in his study.

Andrew has written scripts for church performance, which include short pieces such as The Gift (for Bible Sunday), Father Christmas's Emergency and Bigmouth Gets Ditched; also the full length Passion Play On the Edge, written to mark the Millennium and performed in St Nicholas Church by members of the Blundellsands Group of Churches in April 2000.

Comedies written for adults (no, not 'adult' plays), and performed in schools or church halls, include his four coarse parodies: Truelove Conquers All, The True Adventures of Robin Hood, True Treasure, and The True Story of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.


Plays written for children, in addition to his various sketches for church performance, include Queen in Boots (a spin on The Emperor's Clothes) and The Secret Weapon (written for the Guides and Cub Scouts respectively), and the large scale fairy tale play The Rings of Noumen, most successfully produced by the Phoenix Youth Theatre in 1986.

Andrew's published work includes Ten Original Short Scripts for Drama/Theatre Studies 'A' Level, Multi-Purpose Drama/English Workbook for Key Stages 3-4, and 'Two Short Comedies' - The Ratbusters and The Dastardly Deeds of Lord Swindleham - published by SchoolPlay Productions. A religious sketch, The Decision is Yours, which satirises quiz shows and the trivialisation of serious questions, has also been published, by Nimbus Press, in a collection of sketches for the new Millennium called Platform Souls.

Unpublished and unperformed work includes religious plays Spectators (a modern version of the 'Woman Taken in Adultery'), and Stan and sequel Chris, dramas which explore Christian theology in a contemporary context. Other unpublished work, which awaits the right entrepreneur, is a satirical sketch about Bill Clinton's escapades - "Don't Do That, Mr President!" - and musical settings of songs, with readings, from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. (Approved by the Tolkien Estate).

Andrew is an active Member of the
Lucilla Dramatic Society.

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Almost Paradise: ISBN 0-9546139-0-2  292 pp    All material Andrew Rice-Oxley 2004.